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the customer is king and the service is sincere
High-efficient ball mill of Jiangsu Pengfei:  the customer is king and the service is sincere
Competitive points in the market: energy saving and consumption reduction, high output, high operating rate and long useful life 
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd is the national large-sized corporation, important producing backbone corporation of kiln and mill in national building materials industry, the largest production and export base of cement equipments in Chinese coastal base, meritorious enterprises of Chinese building materials machinery in the reform and opening-up of 30 years, and the corporation  has the certificates of << the Managed  qualification of Foreign Contracted Projects>>,  Jiangsu High-tech Corporation, Jiangsu Ovserve  Contracts and Keep Promises Corporation, and Advanced Corporation in Jiangsu Quality Control signed and issued by Department of Commercial. The leading products, such as rotary kiln, ball mill have obtained “Chinese Famous Brand products” and” Jiangsu Famous Brand Products”. The company mainly produces and sells the rotary kiln of 2500-10000tpd in the  new dry-process cement plant, ball mill, and mechanical equipments in mining, metallurgy, chemicals, electric power and environmental protection. The main processing equipments in the corporation are  8m hobbing machine of two units, 6.3m hobbing machine of two units, 5m hobbing machine of  one unit, vertical lathe of 16 units, 5m~8m vertical lathe of eight units, 5×15m~7.5×20m  surfacing lathe of eight units, 6.5m annealing furnace, large-sized traveling crane of above 60 units, and the inner largest lifting capacity is 200t, and the lifting capacity is 1000t in the open air, the annual process and production capacity can reach 0.3 million tons. All of these can satisfy the process and production capacity of lower 6.5m rotary kiln and ball mill. Recent years, the company takes up with exploiting and constantly perfecting PMG high-efficient ball mill. the important improvements have been carried out in the main parts, in the inner shell the combined diaphragm has been equipped with, the combined discharge grate plate adjusts the level height of the chambers; the kinetic energy of the grinding medium will be fully exerted by adopted the lifting liner of Archimedes logarithmic spiral surface, hyperboloid liner and the feasible rotary speed of mill; the slipping rate of the gear is close to equality and the  contact ration increases by managed the design technology of wear resistant and anti-scuffing gear and optimized gear design. The stable operation of the gear has largely improved the useful life; enlarged the ventilation areas of feed and discharge and the separating device, and in the mill the ventilation resistance has been reduced. 
After services: the service is sincere, the customer is king and the most benefit is established for the customers
The comments of experts: At present “Pengfei”brand high-efficient ball mill is one of the best-selling cement main machinery equipments in Chinese, the products are demand exceeds supply, especially Φ3.2 m ~Φ4.8m ball mill have been favored by the domestic and international large-sized cement dry-process manufacturers. The main reasons can be divided into three aspects: firstly the products have the high-technology and perfect qualities; secondly the after services are perfect and at last the extension of the brand is emphasized.
 Excerpt from << Chinese Building Materials Newspaper>>
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the customer is king and the service is sincere
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