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Important Achievement on Brand Image Building of Pengfei
Brand is Nuclear Weapons for Enterprise Competition. We deeply feel that in order to enable enterprise to be in an efficient, healthy, long-term developing road, we should adhere to brand development strategy. In 2009, our group strived for well-known trademarks, sticked to brand operation, highlighted “Three Priority”, made efforts to build International Brand, and gained a good environment for enterprise development. Following that “Pengfei” Cement Rotary Kiln became Chinese Famous Brand Product in 2007, “Pengfei” brand is affirmed to be Top China Brand by Trademark Office of State Administration for Commerce and Industry, which is another important achievement during our brand strategy implementation and a sufficiently confirmation on the product quality, brand promotion, after-sales services of “Pengfei”.  
First, our group should highlight Enterprise Promotion and set up a nicer corporate image. So we created and upheld good company website, promoted products by releasing advertisement on Chinese Building Newspaper, Jiangsu Science and Technology Newspaper, Nantong Broadcasting Television Newspaper, Hai’an Daily, Cement Engineering, New Century Cement Newspaper and Chinese Cement Website for 28 times. Meanwhile we employed professional advertising company to carry out brand image planning, made beautiful sample books, CDs, and participated in 2009 China International Cement Conference & Chinese Cement Grinding Technology Summit which enabled our group to reach a level that have image on screen, reputation on newspaper & radio station, release important achievement, significant experience & major events to the community, and enlarged the social recognition & influence of Pengfei Brand.
Second, our group should specially train and improve employees’ brand consciousness, as the most important of enterprise’s brand building is to train a group who can create and uphold the brand image. Our group keep improving the employees’ professional competence, at the same time strengthen the quality sense for employees, and establish the ideas of “Next procedure is user,  user is God”, “Today’s quality is tomorrow’s market” & “Products reflects the character”, train and improve employees’ brand awareness to create top brand by competitive products.
Third, our group is emphasis on news report of measures for economic crisis. While sucking in International Economic Crisis, our group added investment on technical development & creation, so we not only didn’t subject to worldwide economic crisis, but also maintained a rapid growing tendency. Through news report on effectiveness of measures, experience and typical image for economic crisis, we fostered the confidence of all workers respond to crisis.
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Important Achievement on Brand Image Building of Pengfei
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