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Pengfei Group successfully realizes stride of the internatio
Pengfei Group successfully realizes stride of the internationalization strategy

Jiangsu Pengfei Group is a state large enterprise and also the biggest manufacturing and exporting base for complete set of cement machinery & equipment in China. Our main product —“Pengfei” rotary kiln, tube mill is brand product in Chinese building material industry. Pengfei rotary kiln complete set of cement machinery & equipment is not only widely sold in native market, but also exported to more than 20 countries, Vietnam, *, Bangladesh, Pakistan and  India, Peru and Brazil, R, Turkey and so on, and win wide praise of international friends. Pengfei Group attracts investment into the large-sized equipment in many ways and forms. The process capacity of manufacturing machine & equipment each year is 300,000 ton, and we have the ability of processing rotary and gear hobbing of dia. 10m, and annealing furnace 6.5m. The max. lifting capacity indoor is 400 ton, outdoor is 100 ton, which meet the manufacturing requirements of rotary kiln and ball mill below φ6m.

Jiangsu Pengfei Group has gotten many production lines order from Vietnam, *, Russia, Africa and other countries, the total amount of contract price a year reach 3 billion yuan. Jiangsu Pengfei Group mainly engage in services and engineering consultation of cement production line, exportation of complete sets of equipment, installation, equipment-manufacturing and supply, commissioning and operation maintenance etc. After attaining the operation qualification of foreign contracted projects, Jiangsu Pengfei Group actively carry out foreign contracting international engineering business, contracting abroad building installation project and international bidding project of cement, metallurgy, chemical machinery and equipment and exporting of equipment, materials for project, and send personals needed for the above project abroad.

Pengfei Group has cement equipment manufacturing center which owns the production scale to supply more than 30 tons equipment each year. Company products include equipment of 4000t/d~10000t/d new type dry process cement production line, including all large-sized rotary kiln, vertical mill, the tube mill, preheater, crusher, dust collecting equipment, classifier, elevator, etc. Equipment manufacturing industry of Pengfei Group gives full play to our powerful r&d platform, they are the perfect combination. Scientific research ability of company in manufacturing base is rapidly transformed to equipment products and is directly invested into the contracting project.

Large-sized preheater, rotary kiln, tube mill, cooling machine and some main equipments of Pengfei Group are all researched and developed and manufactured by ourselves. We have undertaken as project contractors and main equipment suppliers, realize the great leap of "going out". After the painstaking efforts of several generations, large-sized new type dry process cement equipment researched and manufactured by China have been complete exported, which is a historic leap of China cement industry. Large-sized cement equipment exported by Pengfei Group win advantages in the international competition, which fully shows that cement industry technology and equipment of China have stepped into the world

At home, Pengfei Group gets manufacturing business of large-sized rotary kiln and mill of Zhejiang Longyou, Chongqing Runjiang, Hebei Quzhai, and Hunan Chenzhou, what’s more, we smoothly sign contract with (Yingde) Taini, (Guigang)Taini, home-made industry ten 6000t/d Φ5.0×74m new type cement rotary kiln ,tube  mill, air-swept coal mill supply contract. Pengfei Group owns the comprehensive strength to supply equipments for 10000t/d, 6000 t/d, 5000 t/d, 2500 t/d new type dry rotary kiln cement plant and 500000t/y compound fertilizer plant and installation and commissioning one-stop service. Key words: Pengfei Group, cement equipment, cement mechanical equipment, cement complete equipment, fertilizer equipment, electric equipment, chemical equipment, mining equipment, leading products: "Pengfei" rotary kiln, ball mill, 5-stage cyclone preheater, cooling machine, humidifier, dust collector, vertical mill, roller machine, dryer, crusher, conveyor and other mechanical equipment, electrical control equipment, etc

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Pengfei Group successfully realizes stride of the internatio
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