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Pengfei Group costs 280 million RMB to promote the machining

Pengfei Group costs 280 million RMB to promote the machining capacity and quicken the industrial upgrade

Jiangsu Pengfei Group mainly engages in the design, manufacturing, selling of complete set of equipment for the building material machinery, the environmental protection machinery, the metallurgical machinery and the chemical machinery industry, supplying the complete set of machinery and electrical equipment, installation and debugging, as well as contracting the turn-key basis project and the relevant technical service. The company has the cement equipment manufacturing base with the machinery machining capacity of 300,000t/y. The company’s rotary diameter and hobbing diameter are 10m, and the diameter of the annealing furnace is 6.5m, its max hoisting capacity is 400t, so the company can meet the manufacturing requirements of the rotary kiln and the ball mill below φ6m. All the main machines like the large preheater, the rotary kiln, the tube mill, the vertical mill, the cooler, etc are researched, developed and manufactured by the company itself. Pengfei Group has the double role of contracting the turn-key basis project and supplying the main equipments. After it has the credentials for contracting the business of turnkey projects with foreign countries, Pengfei Group steps up its business activities in the international market, takes on the foreign construction and installation work for the cement equipments, the metallurgy equipments and the chemical machinery equipments as well as the invite tenders for foreign projects, and dispatch the service workers needed by these foreign projects. Pengfei Group completed to manufacturing the main machines of Pakistan PLC 3000t/d cement production line for Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute successfully, and then got the business to manufacturing the rotary kilns for Pakistan PLD, PLE and PLF Production Line. The company has taken on the complete project of eight cement production lines like Thayet, Dragon, Triple A, King Elephant and Tiger Head Cement Plant, as well as the business to manufacturing the rotary kilns and cement mills for two 2500t/d cement production lines of Vietnam Kaisa Cement Plant. Pengfei Group has contracted the complete set of 1500t/d cement production line with Africa Rwanda company, and the project includes the process from the limestone crushing to the finished cement products, the electrical automation design, the equipments for the whole factory as well as the services of installation supervision & administration, debugging, personnel training, etc. At the same time the company implements the turn-key basis project of 2500t/d cement production line for Russia Volga Cement Plant, and its annual contract value has been up to 3,000,000,000RMB.

In 2001, Jiangsu Pengfei Group became Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. by transformation into stock company, now the company has more than 1200 employees. There are eastern, western, southern and northern branch plants as well as six subsidiary companies of Pengfei Group. The main products of the company are the rotary kiln cement machinery and the chemical equipment. In the recent years, by the correct leadership of the county committee and county government as well as under the substantial support from the relevant county functional departments, Pengfei Group has carried out the important technical reconstruction and the independent technology innovation. The growth rate of the company has doubled every year,its output increases 14 times and its sales increase 12.5 times, so the company presents the momentum of leaping development. The group is Top Enterprise in China Cement Machinery Industry and the manufacturing & exporting base of complete large cement equipments, it is ranked No.2 in Chinese building material machinery industry and No.1 in Jiangsu building material machinery industry. Pengfei Group successfully organized and carried out 2008 Jiangsu Province Major Technical Achievements Transfer Projects and National Torch Program Project for large cement rotary kiln calcining energy conservation technology and equipment. In the last two years, the company granted 35 national patents, and achieved the major breakthroughs of energy saving and consumption reduction for the cement enterprise. Pengfei brand cement rotary kiln is named ‘Chinese Famous Products ’and ‘Jiangsu Province Famous Products’, at the same time Pengfei brand has won the honor of ‘Jiangsu Province Famous Brand’.

The company will try their best to carry out the large rotary kiln project with total investment 280 million RMB this year. The target production value will break through 2000 million RMB, it has invested 150 million RMB, and all the investment will be finished at the end of next year, so the machining capacity will be doubled and the company can have the production capacity of producing 10000t/d kilns. The northern branch plant of Pengfei Group is the new developed area, it covers an area more than 300 mu, and the works of demolition and land expropriation has finished after two years’ construction. The company has the workshops of 20000m2 which have been built up and put into production, and the large assembly workshop of 60000m2 will be finished at the end of July, its max hoisting capacity is 400t, at the same time its main machining equipments—10m hobbing machine and φ220 boring lathe have already been ready and being installed, φ10m large vertical lathe is waiting for being delivery and installed, in all there will be 60 units/sets new equipments. Because of expanding money input constantly, the company has lots of production tasks while the financial crisis has occurred all over the world. At present, the company is busy with production and sales, and there are the contracts of 3000 million RMB.

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