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Bringing the superiority of Pengfei leading role
Bringing the superiority of Pengfei leading role, promoting the common development of the supporting industries
     Under the concern and support from the county committee and the county government, as well as under the leadership of the county federations of industry and commerce, the chamber of building material machinery in Hai’an County has been from being founded to bettering, from internal competition to harmonious synthesis, and from panic when suffering from the financial storm to taking appropriate action now. When the internal and external economic environment have already undergone great changes, at the same time under the complicated situation mingled with various chances and challenges, all members do some brainstorm, hold on the chances, promote development, pursue the mechanisms of impartial competition and promote mutual trust, as well as buck for communication and cooperation in the pleasant environment, accelerate development of industry and create the satisfactory achievements.
    Top Enterprise—Jiangsu Pengfei Group is Top Enterprise in China Cement Machinery Industry and Top Twenty of China Building Material Machinery Manufacturer. Pengfei Group has the credentials for contracting the business of turnkey projects with foreign countries, and it is the biggest manufacturing and exporting base of cement equipments in Chinese coastal areas. Pengfei Group can contract the international projects, so it can take on the foreign construction and installation work for the cement equipments, the metallurgy equipments and the chemical machinery equipments, the invite tenders for foreign projects, as well as export the equipments and materials needed by these projects, and dispatch the service workers needed by these foreign projects. "Pengfei" brand products like the rotary kiln, the tube mill, etc gain the praises of Chinese Famous Products and Famous Products of Building Materials Industry, they have been sold well all over the country and exported to Vietnam, the Union of  , Bangladesh, Pakistan,  , India, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and other countries. All these projects have been widely praised by the international and domestic customers.
    Pengfei Group completed to manufacturing the main machines of Pakistan PLC 3000t/d cement production line for Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute successfully, and then got the business to manufacturing the rotary kilns for Pakistan PLD, PLE and PLF Production Line. The company has taken on the complete project of eight cement production lines like   Thayet, Dragon, Triple A, King Elephant and Tiger Head Cement Plant, as well as the business to manufacturing the main machines for two 2500t/d cement production lines of Vietnam Kaisa Cement Plant. Pengfei Group has contracted the complete set of 1500t/d cement production line with Rwanda company, and the project includes the process from the limestone crushing to the finished cement products, the electrical automation design, the equipments for the whole factory as well as the services of installation supervision & administration, debugging, personnel training, etc. At the same time the company implements the turn-key basis project of 2500t/d cement production line for Russia Volga Cement Plant, and the company gains the order forms of building cement production lines in Vietnam,  , Russia, Africa, etc, the annual contract value has been up to 3,000,000,000RMB.
Pengfei Group has its cement equipment manufacturing center, and its products include all the equipments for 4000t/d~10000t/d new dry process cement production line. The equipment manufacturing capacity of Pengfei Group fully displays the role of the research and development function, and they combined with each other perfectly. The research and development capacity of the company can be translated into the equipment products in the manufacturing base quickly, and then can be turned into the turn-key basis project of the company directly. Pengfei Group has the double role of contracting the turn-key basis project and supplying the main equipments, and it has carried out the important step of going outside, all of these can fully show that Chinese cement technology and equipments have come to the front ranks of the world.
    The project of the pozzuolana grinding station for   Power Ministry put into production successfully, it shows that Jiangsu Pengfei Group has made a historic leap in opening the international market and it has carried out the main machine manufacturing combined with the foreign project contracting from the single main machines exporting. The company is capable of taking on the turn-key basis project of 300,000-1,000,000t/y production line by itself, and carrying out the one package service system referring to the process design, the main machine manufacturing, integrated auxiliary equipment matching, installation & debugging.
    Jiangsu Pengfei Group has signed export contract more than 800 million RMB in 2008, accounting for 40% of the company’s total contracts, including the supporting equipment export equivalent to 500 million and the supporting equipment of Hai’an building material machinery equivalent to 300 million. By carrying out the complete set of equipments, Pengfei Group can promote to export the auxiliary equipments of the members, upgrade the popularity and occupancy of Hai’an building material machinery in the international market, and so improve the comprehensive strength of Hai’an building material machinery.
See from the whole provincial and areal economy, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. has become the excellent enterprise in building material industry of Jiangsu Province as well as the biggest total economics of scale. With Pengfei Group in the lead, more than 20 collaboration companies have set up and developed around it, and then one package service system referring to the reducer, the motor, the standard parts, the lining boards, the steel products, the castings, the electronic control, the auxiliary cement equipments, the building construction, the process design, the complete set of equipment as well as the installation & debugging has begun to emerge, at the same time the economic activities with the building material machinery characteristics have been formed and the scale of the relevant supporting industries has been up to 2000 million RMB.
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