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Jiangsu Pengfei Group search for new development
Jiangsu Hai’an Building Material Machinery search for new development breaking problems
Building material machinery is the support industry of Hai’an, Jiangsu, which has great contribution to economic development of Hai’an. As the affect of energy saving & exhaustion reduction, national cement production limit, cement machinery industry suffers a disastrous decline, the contract is hard to sign, the product is hard to sell. But method is always more than difficulty, multiple building material machinery enterprises extend the ideas, extend the market, try to implement scientific innovation, implement the transformation & upgrading of product and extend the domestic & foreign market at the same time. It is estimated that one forth of building material machinery enterprise will slightly improve the production; half of them will keep the same or slightly reduce the production.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, the leading company of Hai’an building material machinery industry, has implemented the sales over RMB2,000,000,000 in 2012, from Jan. to Sept., we have implemented over RMB 1,300,000,000, it may reach RMB 1,800,000,000 at the end of year. Jia’an Wang, president of our group introduced that national market shrinking doesn’t mean the national market is shrinking; some national market shrinking doesn’t mean the national market shrinking.  Company has forecasted the building material mechanical market changing. Large enterprise is not easy to change the moving direction;  under current condition, website and going out, etc. multiple type forms is used to extend international market, hire over 20 translators in high salary to extend international business and total business is RMB 60,000,000. This year, our group has known that some country is not allowed to export ferro-nickel, sales man enter into Indonesia market, get the rotary kiln, drying kiln business. Pengfei Group catch up with the main industry, meanwhile they extend the new product for the new market.
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