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Cement Provision of Daguangba etc Second Period
Cement Provision of Daguangba etc Second Period Important Projects Was Basically Secured
  “The cement provided by National Investment for the East Power Plant, lowered 110 Yuan per ton this afternoon, selling at price only 440 Yuan now”. This afternoon, when the journalist interviewed the provincial important cement project, the relative charger in East Power Plant said like this. Accordingly, the cement provision was basically secured for the East Power Plant and Daguangba second period projects. 
    The important project of East Power Plant is in urgently construction, with cement consumption about 300 tons per day. Since its start from June, the provided cement prices kept going up, from 300 Yuan to 550 Yuan; what’s worse, as the lack of the supply of the cement, the process of the project had been influenced in bad side. However, the relative charger of the power station construction said, a notice has been sent to them this morning from the cement enterprise, saying that the price of cement for the power construction will be kept 440 Yuan per ton from now on, and secure the continuous supply to help the construction of the project not been effected by the cement supply.
“National Investment Cement Co., Ltd is a promise-keeping company, keeping providing the cement to Dguangba second period project as agreed in the precious contract, no price above 400 per ton.” when the journalist interviewed the Dguangba second period project, the relative charger in Huaneng Hainan company said: “although the lack of cement provision, the National Investment kept searching ways to provide the cement, and only interrupted because of maintain for one or two days, no important affection.
    As for the Daguangba second period project, the construction side had signed contract with National Investment, that all the cement are provided by National Investment, at the price kept under 400 Yuan per ton, even the price of cement grow to 550 ton in October, it had not been changed.
    Accordingly, the kept rising price of cement had affected the construction of many important projects in the island, which attracted the attention of provincial government and commission. To deal with the unmoral cement increasing in the late of October, the provincial government put out 5 implements to lower down the price. Meanwhile, they list some important project items, and demand the cement enterprises to secure the cement supply of East Power plant, Daguangba second period project, East Cycling Rail etc., 26 of important projects
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