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Create new cooperate platform, Strength new developing power
Create new cooperate platform, Strength new developing power
     —— Create training station of graduate student for Pengfei together with two Chinese universities
  Graduate student training station created by Pengfei group together with Anhui University of Science & Technology and Yancheng Institute of technology hold the opening ceremony at Jiangsu Pengfei Group Company, vice manager of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Mr. Zhou Yanbiao introduced the cooperating situation with Anhui university of Science & Technology and Yancheng Institute of technology. Vice president of Yancheng Institute of technology and vice president of Anhui university of Science & Technology present new working requirements on graduate student training station, leaders of Dagong town, Hai’an Scientific Bureau make an important speech. Vice president Shao Rong, Vice president Wang Qidong of Yancheng Institute of technology and Vice manager Zhou Yanbiao signed the agreement and three parties inaugurate the graduate student training station. After the meeting, all people visit environmental protection technical institute of Jiangsu Pengfei Group and new branch of Pengfei Group.
The development and expansion of Jiangsu Pengfei Group has gained great support from Yancheng Institute of technology. After 30 years quick development, company has become the company which can undertake turnkey project from design, manufacture, sales and services, TOP 20 of Chinese Building Machiner Machinery and Chinese cement mechanical leading enterprise. In long-term developing period, based on operating principle of Worldwide technology, international standard, Pengfei fabrication and International quality, Pengfei Group developed more than 20 products, applied for and gained more than 60 patents including 6 developing patents and gained the honorary title of national important high-tech enterprise, China Famous Brand, China Top Brand. Pengfei Group usefully utilize the cooperating platform with universities and research institutes, organize the environmental protection industrial technical research institute, strength the cooperation on produce, learn and research, improve the capacity of self development and creation, promote quick development of Pengfei Group and make it stronger and larger.     
Yancheng Institute of Technology and Anhui University of Science & Technology are professional university of building material industry, students will mainly work for building material industry with good spirit and they can work harder in actual working, the development of Pengfei need the talents like his. The set up of Pengfei Group graduate student training station will promote the development of Pengfei, extend the developing zone and train new talents for building material industry in the future.
                                Bendao Lin
                              Dec. 10, 2013
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